Our Heritage

Northern Kross Lodge is located on the Kunz ranch, a business that has been in the family for five generations and counting. We know tenacity. We know commitment. We know dedication and because we do, you'll find these attributes evident in your stay and in your hunt at Northern Kross Lodge.

Established in 2001, Northern Kross Lodge was renovated with you in mind. You'll find it to be comfortable, peaceful and spacious. It is truly a haven after those long, hard, hunting days. You'll want to relax and share some quality time with your family and friends in the rustic atmosphere. We take our business seriously so you'll also find carefully managed hunting land available.

  • Whitetail-Buck
  • Geese
  • pheasant
Whitetail-Buck1 Geese2 pheasant3

About Northern Kross Lodge and Kunz Ranch

our heritage

We've been doing destination hunts for over 10 years and Northern Kross Lodge is one of our favorites - the one we keep on our list each year! We've loved the awesome pheasant and white tail hunting and enjoy return to such a warm, cozy lodge where we can relax.

— Greg and Amy - Anchorage, AK

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